What is it?

JigLibX is a physics engine written in C# using Microsoft's XNA framework. It is based off the physics engine JigLib and is currently being ported and expanded. Having a collision system and a rigid body physics engine makes JigLibX one of the favored free open-source physics engines designed for use with XNA.


Hi, my name is Thorben Linneweber (noone88). Iam a 19 year old physic student from germany doing this project in my freetime. I was the first one starting to port code over from the c++ JigLib. Raxxla helped me to complete the port and DeanoC submitted some changes to the engine. Not forget to mention cr125rider who had the idea to create this wiki and hmmm… finally did it - as you can see. I also have to mention the creator of JigLib the 'father' of JigLibX Danny Chapman. When you think you should (not) be mentioned here feel free to edit the page.

Feature List

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